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I heard it on NPR

Publishing: Adapt or Die: "On the Media's annual look at the publishing industry, including fears of Amazon becoming a monopoly and the little publishing house standing up to it, a Pulitzer snub for fiction, and the problem of knock-off books."

Next meeting!

Monday, April 16 at Christine's.
Book: Pym, by Mat Johnson.


To be thorough....

Next book is Seth Mnookin's The Panic Virus, and the next meeting will be February 27 at pictsy's.

I just looked back at the group website and we haven't posted the info about a new meeting or book in months and months. Sigh. The times, they are a-changin'.

fingers crossed

"These quirky anecdotes are the underpinnings of one of the unlikeliest of business stories: the small, independently owned bookstore is staging a modest rebirth in the midst of a bone-killing economy and the exponential growth of online retailers and e-books."

nice, nice

Overrated: "Authors, critics, and editors on 'great books' that aren't all that great."

Shut up, it's a slow day at work.

Interesting article on book clubs in Slate.

So, who took notes?

1.) Does anyone remember the new book we picked? Because I sure don't.

2.) Given the lower traffic on LJ and the recent shenanigans, should we consider...a Facebook group? Is there a Google+ version of FB groups we could try? Do we need another outlet?

Book Club Date AND Venue Change

Take notice!  Change of date and venue for the July Book club meeting!
NEW Date:  Wednesday July 27, 8pm
NEW Venue:  The abode of p_sunshine
We hope to get back to the regular Mondays for the following month.  This was the only way to schedule a date that we could all make.  I hate to leave anyone out so I hope you can all be there! 

Change of date?

I am sorry to say that pseudotheist  and I are apparently forgetful idiots.  He has a conflict on Monday July 25 that will prevent him from attending book club.  We also volunteered to host this one!  I don't remember exactly what everyone else's conflicts were for the month of July, but options are listed below.  Please respond here or to my email and I'll post when we have a consensus.

1.  Monday July 25 at our place - T will just be out of luck.
2.  Monday July 18 at our place.
3.  Wednesday July 20 at our place.
4.  Wednesday July 27 at our place.
5.  Something else - like a Thursday or Sunday evening in late July.  Explain in comments.

Please let us know your preferences.  I'm so sorry about the confusion!

Next Meeting

July 25th at pseudotheist and paleotheist's place.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

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